About Us

About us



In the 90’s, when the semiconductor industry booming, the better products, technical services are required to improve the competitiveness. SST was established  in 1998 by the founding members with the idea to go beyond others’ quality and professional, and chemicals were introduced and then improved. 

Harmonious, Services, Technologies and Determinations are our business philosophy. And we also get positive feedback and recognition from competitors and customers with quality products and good services.



Each individual, whether the employees themselves, the company, customers and suppliers could continues to grow and sharing the benefits through sincere cooperation in a harmonious working environment.


Do more than the best to establish the most complete technical information, and continuous to supply the highest quality products and services to customers.


Providing the promptly and professional services to meet customer needs


Taking care and protecting interests of employee, maintaining relationship with customers and providing stable products…etc. are the direction of our ongoing efforts.


The company’s quality, environmental and occupational safety and health policies are:
Customer satisfaction, compliance with regulations, energy conservation and carbon reduction, creation of a safe and healthy working environment, provision of worker participation and consultation, continuous improvement, elimination of hazards, improvement of occupational safety and health performance, and sustainable management.